Go Big With Accessories


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The office is a place where you have to stick to a certain code of dressing and keep it subtle. However, you CAN go ahead and experiment with accessories. For instance: a white button-down shirt can easily be transformed when adorned with a standout necklace or a statement belt.


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Splash of Colour


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The main idea behind colour blocking is combining colours that both complement and support each other. When you look at the colour wheel, complementary colours are directly opposite each other.

The colour block trend has been around for a while, but lately it’s been cropping up in creative new ways. Along with traditional multi-hue dresses, stars are mashing up bright accessories with colourful separates or letting bold accessories do the talking.


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Travel Tricks For The Jetsetter


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Flying can cause skin to dry out and breakout. Whenever the environment is moisture-free (as with re-circulated air in a plane cabin), the air actually draws moisture from wherever it can, including the skin. Dry skin will tend to get drier and oily skin will get even oilier to compensate for dehydration.

Here are a five simple tricks to ensure flawless skin before and after your journey:


1. Apply a serum and sunscreen before boarding your flight – Airplane cabins have low humidity, so applying a serum that delivers enhanced hydration and protection is vital. You want to apply a sunscreen over the serum to filter damaging UV rays, because you are closer to the sun when flying (even though you may not be in direct sunlight), skin is still exposed to harmful rays. Use a moisturizer with SPF 15+ for added protection.

2. Don’t mist your skin with a hydrating spray during flight – When the air is dry, it looks for water wherever it can. So, when you spray your skin with a mist on a plane, the air literally robs skin of the applied moisture. Basically, misting mid-flight really doesn’t do much at all. Instead, try applying another layer of moisturizer as it is much more hydrating and absorbed into the skin.

3. Drink plenty of water – While drinking water isn’t the most efficient way to hydrate the skin, it’s important for the health of your cells.

4. After flying, use a mild facial scrub or light acid peel to remove surface dry skin cells that have accumulated – Be sure to avoid facial scrubs containing natural grains such as apricot kernels, walnut husks, and almonds, as the sharp edges can scratch and irritate the skin. Instead, use scrubs containing polyethylene, jojoba beads, or micro-beadlets. To add back essential hydration and brighten the skin from post-flight dullness, apply a gel mask that is both calming and deeply hydrating, so skin gets the moisture it needs. Just leave it on for 15 minutes, rinse well, and apply moisturizer.

5. Be sure to blot – If oily skin is dehydrated, oil production increases to combat dryness. Dry skin can create surface dead skin cell build-up, which, if not removed post-flight by using an exfoliating product, can cause oil and bacteria to be trapped under the skin, resulting in an increase of breakouts a day or two after flying. On longer flights, it’s important to blot skin with tissue or oil-blotting papers to reduce oil and acne-causing bacteria. When you arrive at your destination, immediately exfoliate and cleanse to keep skin clear.

Leather It Up


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Most of us love the sleek and sexy look that leather has to offer, especially during the winters. However, we’d rather not buy it, given how expensive and cruel to animals this trend can be. Thankfully, there’s always faux leather. Faux leather is a cruelty-free and affordable way to wear the look of leather – a fabulous and stylish trend that will keep you warm and looking fantastic.celebrity-leather-sleeve-jacket

From an entire outfit to just a few details, from jackets to leggings – faux leather can be worn in so many different ways. Have fun and wear the faux leather look as romantic or edgy as you wish!

Spruce up your wardrobe with these sleek numbers:



The Ultimate Work Wardrobe


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Now that 2013 has arrived, it’s time to inject some new pieces into your workwear wardrobe. These perfect staples in a neutral palette will have you nine-to-five ready and oh-so chic.

1. The Little Black Dress


2. The Bomber Blazer


3. The Statement Skirt


4. The Skinny Belt


5. The Plain White Top


Can’t Stop Yarning


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Stacked bracelets are a fashion trend that’s not fading fast. But if you’re worried about metal bracelets clacking together, try layering yarn bracelets. Some yarn bracelets involve knitting and crocheting, others use braiding, macrame, or yarn-wrapping techniques. These make great last-minute gifts and can liven up any outfit!




All that Glitters…


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Mehr Rampal and Kareena Kapoor were both spotted wearing gold sequinned gowns from designer Monisha Jaising. Kareena wore her halter neck gown on the sets of Bigg Boss a few weeks back, while Mehr was spotted at the Ensemble 25 years celebration last night wearing a one-shoulder version.

Whose look did you like better?


Add some glitter to your own wardrobe with this skirt:


De-Puff Your Eyes


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Between holiday travelling, eating, drinking, and socializing we’re not looking as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as we’d like. When the going gets rough and the skin gets puffy, you may be tempted to shell out for the latest de-puffing cream in the hopes that it’ll get your eye area back on track.

Thankfully, there are a bunch of easy, simple, and natural tricks that you can do (almost!) for free, even if you’re in a cabin in the middle of nowhere:

Avoid Salt 
One of the easiest ways to prevent eye puffiness is to watch the amount of salt in your diet. Avoiding fast food is an obvious one, but we’ve even seen a difference in our eye area when we overdo it on the soy sauce at a sushi dinner. This tip may seem obvious, but many processed and packaged foods contain a surprising amount of sodium, so read your labels and always opt for low-sodium if you can — or better yet, cook with whole foods so you can control exactly how much seasoning is in your food.
If you do end up overdoing it with the salt (or alcohol, which can also contribute to puffiness in the A.M.), make sure you glug a big glass of water before bed to flush things out.

Cucumber Slices 
Even if you avoid the sodium and stay hydrated, sometimes allergies or sleep deprivation can still cause you to wake up with irritated eyes. When this happens, a great natural way to soothe your eyes is cucumber slices. Cucumber’s soothing qualities plus its high water content help put you on the fast track to a brighter visage. Simply slice up a cold cucumber, lay the slices over your eyes, and relax for 10-15 minutes to reap the de-puffing benefits. cucumber

Tea Bags 
If your puffiness is a little bit more severe, you could simply open your kitchen cabinet and use one of nature’s remedies: tea! Both green and black teas have caffeine and antioxidant superpowers, but herbal teas can also be incredibly soothing. Simply seep two tea bags in hot water for a few minutes, allow them to cool, and then place one over each eye — and make sure to enjoy the aromatherapy while you’re at it! teabageyes

Potato Slices 
A lesser-known solution for puffy, irritated eyes is basic white potato. Potatoes are thought to have astringent qualities — plus, the starch in potatoes can have an anti-inflammatory effect. To reap the benefits, slice up a chilled spud (no need to peel it first) and apply slices to your eyes, swapping out with new, cold slices every 5 minutes or so. It might be a modest proposal, but it’s one that works.

Sportswear With A Fashionable Twist


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The varsity jacket: a transeasonal staple.

Newly streamlined and refined, the varsity jacket as womenswear got a makeover recently. We may have already been wearing it as part of the ongoing sportswear trend, but it’s with a new lease on life that it can take you through right through fall and beyond.

On the Fall /Winter 2012 runways, varsity-style jackets were reinterpreted in a variety of ways. Not all of them took the path of the traditional high school sports jackets. Anna Sui traded letters for a whimsical owl motif in one of the season’s most colourful examples, mixing hers with shorts and bright tights in autumn hues.


The main trend across varsity jackets on the runway has been to reinvent them, refine them, steer them away from having too neat an association with American sportswear. To that end, Prabal Gurung nailed the idea, creating a classic shape with texture and detail that lent a kind of futuristic luxuriousness.


How to wear the varsity jacket this year:           

  • Try pairing one with cropped skinny pants, a crisp shirt, and heels
  • Go for something a little tough – like a wool-felt jacket with contrasting leather sleeves. Throw it effortlessly over a pair of relaxed ripped jeans, an easy cotton maxi dress, or some army pants
  • Contrast an elegant evening dress or tulle skirt with a sporty varsity jacket – roll up the sleeves or throw it over your shoulders for an even cooler look
  • Work a satin bomber jacket into a rich baroque look, clashing embroidered patterns and all
  • Wear one with a simple t-shirt; then transform the whole look with a sparkling piece of costume jewellery around the neck
  • Pair one with the ladylike side of 1950s fashion – full skirt mandatory

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